About Me


It’s been my passion to ensure every family has the ability to protect their family from the burden of unexpected expenses, especially when it comes to planning during the passing of a loved one.


For over a decade I’ve been getting to know families around the country. We’ve shared stories of shock upon losing a loved one who did not plan properly. And stories of how a small polices made all the difference in bringing calm to the storm lose. For these reasons, I bring my expertise and experience to families around the country helping them make what could be hard, simple.

My Family

One mom who is the youngest lady in spirit and energy that I know. Two brothers that are older AND big in love, support and encouragement for all that I do. A sister that never stops cheering me forward. And a Proud mom of a superstar teen who’s heart is kind, caring and has exceeded my expectations beyond any dreams. This is the family who drives me to do good, have integrity, trust hard work and deliver the best to you.

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